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Product Description

The SmartForm Styling bundle is intended for conceptual design with an artistic flavor. SmartForm Styling offers an innovative approach to design. With its Target Driven Design, it frees users from the technological constraints of traditional design systems. With SmartForm Styling, designers first set targets: points, curves or even the exact highlight they want to get on an object, then focus on the product shape, anyway they want, and transform the project into a model that includes all technical and engineering aspects while preserving the original design intent.

It is possible to create a preview of every shape deriving from a modification made with GSM (Global Shape Modeling) and select the required one only. This enables higher creativity levels while increasing and enhancing design processes. In addition to traditional creation and modification functionalities, SmartForm Styling’s rich capabilities include powerful tools such as Global Shape Modeling, Capping, Blending Curves and Blending Shapes, and Global Sweep (all are fully associative), as well as dynamic morphing, Automotive Grid and Dynamic Rendering.

Sneak Peek SmartForm Design in action!
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Product Details

  • Base
  • Catalog Browser, Manager & Vault
  • Document Browser & Vault
  • Drafting
  • Frames
  • GSM
  • GSM Modeling Plus
  • HQ Shading
  • Solids/Assy Modeling
  • Save Files
  • Surfaces Advanced
  • Surfaces Basic
  • Styling Solids
  • Translators Basic
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