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The SmartForm Automotive product was built to drive continual design innovation in the auto industry.

At SmartForm, we understand that an automotive designer’s CAD tool should accelerate, not restrict innovation. And yet, traditional CAD tools are slow and complex, built on 20-year-old technology platforms. They are non-intuitive, forcing designers to think geometrically instead of creatively. They are time-consuming, requiring tedious manipulations to achieve desired designs. And as a result, they are expensive, with a total cost of ownership that can grow up to $10 million/year for some automotive companies.

Through massive improvements in speed, simplicity, power and cost, SmartForm offers a radically different option:

SmartForm Design Advantages
SmartForm Design Features
  • Streamlined 3D modeling from basic 2D preliminary data
  • Simplified surface modeling directly from clay scans
  • Ultra-fast creation of stylized surfaces and fillets
  • Interchangeable surface and solid geometry manipulation
  • Multi-edge and G2-constrained fills in just a few clicks
  • Highly intuitive user interface
  • Common sense controls
  • Real-time creative freedom and dynamic modeling
  • Complex mathematics handled automatically
  • Industry-leading contextual help
  • Reduced iterations between design and engineering groups

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