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At present the PDM solution is an integral part of the product development workflow. One of the advantages of this can clearly be seen in the spare parts manual, originally made up of photographs only but now featuring exploded drawings complete with the part numbers of the various components. You should remember that a single machine can have more than 1400 different components.


It’s already in an inherent language that deals with surfaces, so solids are easy compared to that. We’re able to develop these beautiful parts that are incredibly light and breakthrough.


For six months I researched the market to identify the segment where I could best position the new model. At the same time I went looking for CAD software where I could design the entire project in 3D. It wasn’t an easy job because there were a lot of plane makers on the market and even more suppliers of CAD software. In the end I decided on the twin-engined category of aircraft and chose SmartForm Design’s CAD solution.

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